A revolution in how we monitor chronic diseases

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Digital Therapeutics (DTx) are a unique opportunity to address the challenges of managing chronic conditions: costs, observance, an ageing population, lack of resources, etc. Not only can they treat but, by relying on the real time data generated, they can also help individualize and optimize current healthcare processes to transition into a value-based care mode.
patient - with - phones
patient - with - phones

Maintaining interest and observance through gaming

There are 2.6 billion gamers around the world, and as technology continues to percolate upwards through age demographics, we can expect more users who are more at ease with new technologies and gaming. At Tilak, we have over 3 decades of combined years of experience in creating catchy video and mobile games, and we shamelessly put this experience to good use.
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"Gamification" has become a buzzword in the business industry in recent years, and for good reason.

Sure, when we created OdySight® we could have designed an app that only allows patients to do visual acuity or Amsler grid tests, but patients would have quickly lost interest. On average, 77% of daily active users' churn, or quit using, a mobile application with the first 3 days of the install.

Patients who use OdySight® receive energy points by taking vision tests, which they can then use to play a puzzle. Travelling through the various worlds and solving the puzzles quickly gets patients hooked, ensuring that they come back again and again, which in turn ensures a steady supply of data points for their doctors for optimal monitoring.
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A flashy game isn't everything though; our UX/UI developers and artists have the extra challenge of creating a game that is enjoyable for our specific user group. Font color and the instruction speed have been adjusted to suit patients with low vision, and the map and main layout have been designed for ease of use.
Our first game with medical modules, OdySight®, was created by ophthalmologists and developers with the goal of giving patients a way to do visual tests from home on their smartphone or tablet, while their physician tracks results and any changes remotely.

The tech behind the app

Our medical and technical teams worked together to develop specific visual tests for our app which ensure that the Amsler grid and visual acuity tests taken by patients at home are of the same caliber as tests carried out in medical centers (and the clinical tests back us up!).

By using state of the art machine learning tools, our technical team has built and patented an algorithm to calculate the distance from the patient's eye to the phone or tablet's screen and an automatic ambient light detector.

Thanks to our technical team's experience in developing mobile applications, our solution is already supported on a large base of iOS & Android devices.
The other piece of technology we've developed is our Alert system, which notifies patients when they may need to see their doctor urgently.
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Our data scientists created an algorithm that determines an acceptable visual acuity range for the patient — medical test scores lower than the minimum are thus considered abnormal and will generate an alert for both patient and doctor.
It's not just the patients who benefit from the alert system: doctors too can quickly and easily check in with patients who triggered an alert and set up an appointment if needed, as well as monitor them remotely from the doctor's dashboard. Easy-to-read graphs allow for a quick visualization and interpretation of the patient's visual acuity.
Tilak Healthcare's quality management system has been assessed by BSI, one of the world's leading Notified Bodies, and found to comply with the requirements of the international standard ISO 13485:2016.
Our advantage
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What really sets us apart is our team's commitment to creating enjoyable apps with medical modules that also improve the lives of patients suffering from chronic diseases.

By combining the power of gaming with easy and reliable testing, patients not only return to take the tests because they enjoy the game, but also because they receive reassurance from the monitoring system.

Physicians in turn can better remotely monitor their patients and provide more timely care. By combining the needs and wants of both patients and healthcare professionals, we have built a DTx that benefits all.