At Tilak Healthcare, we create a digital solution that combines clinically validated medical tests with a gaming experience to enhance patient engagement.

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Our vision

Visual impairments affect 2.2 billion people worldwide with chronic macular diseases being the leading cause of blindness.

Our vision is to transform the way chronic eye conditions are managed by empowering patients at home while reinforcing the link with their physicians to optimize treatments.
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tilak - healthcare - patient - prescription
Tilak Healthcare's quality management system has been assessed by BSI, one of the world's leading Notified Bodies, and found to comply with the requirements of the international standard ISO 13485:2016.
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Our history

Tilak Healthcare was founded in 2016 by Edouard Gasser (ex-Gameloft) and Pr José-Alain Sahel, recognized internationally for his work in retinal diseases, founder of the Institut de la Vision in France and Director of the Department of Ophthalmology at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine.

Together, they believed that the time people spent playing mobile games like "candy crush" could be put to better use. That's how they got the idea of OdySight, a medical mobile app that patients would enjoy using as much as they need to.
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